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Bodybuilding is an exciting area of competition that involves the mental ability to work your body into unbelievable shape while developing masses of muscle. Bodybuilding competitions take place all over the world. This sport was generally a male only arena, but it the past few decades it has expanded to women and now even into teens. In these competitions, judges evaluate the aesthetic appearance of each contestant, and assign points. Bodybuilding involves an in depth daily workout as well as restrictive diet. To be effective, males have to reduce their body fat to 6%, and women have to reduce theirs to 12%. A combination of diet, cardiovascular workouts, and target specific trainings are key to effective bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding became a sport in 1880, but grew to be competitive in 1930. Eugen Sandow is referred to as the Father of Modern Bodybuilding. He was a bodybuilder who allowed others to watch his workouts to strengthen his muscles. Later he competed in matches with other men to display their strength. He is also credited with the invention and sales of the first dumbbells and exercise machines. Sandow created a formula for the ideal physique, and worked his body to meet that criteria.

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The first bodybuilding competition was organized byandow. It took place in 1901, in the United Kingdom. It was called the Great Competition. The turnout was unbelievable. Thousands of viewers were turned away. Some wanting to compete were also turned away because too many showed up. In 1904 the first bodybuilding competition in the United States took place in New York. The prize was $1,000.

Bodybuilding interest exploded in the United States in 1950 when the National Amature Bodybuilders Association (NABBA) began the Mr. Universe contest. While the contest took place in the United Kingdom, people of America saw a new sport that excited them both to watch and to be a part of.

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Today, the most prestigious body building competition to win is Mr. Olympia. This competition began in 1965. The winner receives a bronze statue of Sandow. Bodybuilders from all over the world come to compete in this well publicized event. With the introduction of Ms. Olympia contests in 1980, the sport continues to grow. The quest for the best and strongest bodies continues to be met with a tough group of competitors.

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